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What is the deadline for ordering meals?

The deadline for ordering meals is midnight on Sunday, one full week (7 days) prior to the complete week before the meal is served. This deadline is dictated to Chartwells by both their suppliers and by the supply chain to ensure delivery to our Dorset Schools.

How do I order my choice of meals?

The choice of meal is made at point of ordering. You can choose either a Standard Meal, Vegetarian Meal or Alternative Choice each day.

Do Chartwells supply a packed lunch when my child is on a school trip?

If you wish to order your child a packed lunch for a school trip, please contact our local office. Details are contained in the "Contact Us" section of this website.

Some Schools will automatically request a transfer of any booked hot meals to Away Day Packed Lunches, please check with your school if you are unsure if your booking has been transferred.

What should I do if I need to cancel a meal after the online cut off point?

In the event that you may need to cancel a meal after the online cut off i.e. due to sickness, you can do so by telephone on 01202 691 038. Due to the meals already having gone through our production process we will require a minimum of 72 hours’ (not including weekends) notice in order to cancel any meals and offer a credit for those meals. Please see our terms and conditions for further information or alternatively you can contact us at

How far in advance can I order meals?

You can order meals as far in advance as you would like. For example you can order on a week by week basis, monthly basis or for a whole term in one go. The online system will also allow you to book meals for the following term however as our menus change on a termly basis you will not be able to see the meal options for the following term until the new menu has been approved and loaded online.

Do Chartwells cater for children with special dietary requirements?

Special Diets are catered for by Chartwells. Within the Poole CPU we are producing more than 60,000 meals per week and due to this we need to manage the special diet menus very carefully to avoid any potential risks. As a result it has become necessary to put in place a policy in order to safeguard all children taking special diets and thus can only offer a special diet menu for children with allergies or intolerances to one or more of the 14 EU allergens.

If your child has an allergen or intolerance to any of the 14 EU allergens then a special diet menu can be supplied, provided requests for these are supported by a medical report such as a letter from your GP or hospital dietician. Requests for special diets should be made direct to Chartwells (see Contact Us) with a supporting letter. A special diet menu to suit your special diet request will then be agreed upon and we will require the special diet approval form to be signed prior to providing any special diet meals.

Religious diets will be catered for by the vegetarian option.

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